Acqua Home Fragrance 250ml


Acqua Home Fragrance 250ml


Breathe the sea as its waves roll ashore. Acqua is a refined, light scent that will last from 4 to 5 months once opened.

  • Scent Notes: Basil, white musk & marine algae
  • Use in: Living, family & children's rooms + bathroom
  • Amount: 250ml (8.5 oz)
  • Packaging: Crystal & glass dome-shaped, clear bottle packed in a cream-colored box + 10 bamboo reeds.
  • Origin: Florence, Italy

How to use:

Remove top by gently turning the cork, place all the reeds into the bottle and allow them to absorb the fragrance. After approximately 30 minutes, reverse the reeds to experience the subtle release of the perfume. Thereafter, turn one or more reeds daily/every other day to allow the fragrance to be continuously released.

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