Calaisio Round Cotton & Buds Holder with Cover

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Calaisio Round Cotton & Buds Holder with Cover


An elegant, organized way to keep cotton swabs and balls in reach. However, don't consign this lidded holder to the bathroom alone; it will hold desktop items as well.

  • Material: Hand woven water vine
  • Measurement: DIA 3.5 inches x H 3.75 inches
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Care: Wipe clean with mild soap and water

More information:

  • Calaisio products are hand woven by artisans from remote South Pacific villages. The water vines they harvest are quick to re-grow leaving no damage to the environment. At a mere 3 millimeters in diameter — barely one-fourth as thick as typical rattan — the water-vine takes 1-7 days to hand-weave into a finished design.
  • Included with each design is a signed statement by the artisan that attests to the item’s authenticity and states the time it took to create it.
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