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My then 12 year old step daughter was dropped off at home alone with my wife expecting to be there a few minutes later, when a man wearing 'nice clothes' and a tie knocked on the door and told her he was there to 'service' the Directv system and just walked into the house got out the old card and put in another card and left. In and out in less than a minute. When I came home I was livid. Not because we lost the card which cost me $99. 00 to replace, but because my 12 year old daughter allowed some random man into our home while she was alone in the house. Not sure if anyone still remembers this but Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted by strangers in Lake Tahoe, CA and as far as I know she's never been found and nobody's ever been arrested for her kidnapping.

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Connected to a DVR or computer monitor, these cameras have a lens, a DSP digital signal processing chip, and protective housing to stand against the elements. Transmission cables connect the camera to the DVR and receive the video from the “eye” of the camera. The DVR then compresses the video and stores it onto a hard drive to be accessed at a later time. It’s likely the DVR will also have the capability of converting the analog video into a digital format so that it the video can be streamed over the internet using a built in web server. The DVR is also where all programming is made such as alarms, notifications, and scheduled operation. Network security cameras, or IP security surveillance systems, are pricier than analog cameras, but its technology is more advanced, enabling more options. In this type of camera, there is no need for a separate DVR because the camera has this capability built right into it. The camera not only captures the images and video, it also compresses and converts it to a digital format and streams it over the internet. Many network security cameras come with an SD card capability as well, so video can be stored directly on the card. If the camera is also connected to an NVR network video recorder, it can stream video directly to the NVR or a computer or smart device, all of which can record it. High resolution is one of the perks of this type of camera, but it requires much larger bandwidth and storage, which can be a challenge for some households.