Match Sugar Packet or Business Card Holder

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Match Sugar Packet or Business Card Holder


Conveniently sized to be dual purpose, this pewter holder will grace tables, trays or desktops.

  • Material: Lead-free metal alloy
  • Measurement: L 4.5 inches x W 2.9 inches x H 1.75 inches
  • Origin: Hand made in Italy
  • Care: Hand wash with a mild liquid dish soap and warm water. Do not pre-soak in hot water. Dry pewter completely since left wet, spots may occur. If spots occur, remove with an appropriate metal polish. Dishwasher use not recommended. Not for use in microwaves or ovens.

More information:

  • Pewter is non-reactive, tarnish-free and tasteless. It is food-safe and FDA approved.
  • Each piece of Match pewter is hallmarked.
  • Match’s artisans use methods handed down among generations from before the Renaissance.
  • Match’s classic forms harmonize with traditional and modern settings. It will easily mix with other tableware settings.
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